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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Split ends

Trimming your hair on a regular basis is a part of keeping your hair healthy. However if you do not trim the ends on a regular basis, the ends of your hair strands become split, and your hair does not grow at the standard rate of 1/2 an inch per month. Your hair will surely grow back, so don't be afraid to trim the ends. In fact, your hair is more likely to grow if you get rid of your split ends.

If you don't like the idea of trimming your hair, here are a few tips on how to have a decreased amount of split ends.

1) Avoid excessive heat. You can stop excessive heat by not using curling irons, hair dryers, straighteners, etc. These all cause stress on your hair. There is also an increased risk of stress on your head if you put bobbles in your hair that are too tight. this causes split ends and breakage.
2) Stop using chemicals. Relaxers, dyes, perming products cause the weakening of hair cells which contributes to split ends. Even chlorine from a swimming pool dries out your hair, so don't excessively swim, at least without a swimming cap on.
3) Moisturize your hair. moisturizing is a key factor in the protection of your hair. It should be done on a regular basis. If you do not moisturize dry ends they will turn into split ends.
Split ends are damaged. The only way you can get rid of them is if you trim them off.

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