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Thursday, 29 December 2011

How to twist your hair

There are various ways to make your twists look good. You can either single twist your hair or double twist your hair. Both types of twists are protective hairstyles, which give your hair a rest from the natural breakage of hair. If you have naturally kinky or curly hair, the style will look great on you.

There are a range of sizes that you can have with your twists. In most cases, the smaller the twists the longer you want them in, and vise versa, the bigger the twists, the shorter amount of time you want them in. Deciding on the size of your twists is the first factor to think about while styling your hair.

Before starting, you should part your hair into four corners and comb each corner out. You can use clips to divide each section. Whilst combing, if your hair is dry you can put in a little bit of moisturizing oil or gel into your hair.

Begin parting separate sections and then
begin twisting your hair by crossing of two sections at a time. If you choose to double twist your hair, you have to repeat this procedure twice. Repeat until you've twisted all the strands on you hair, or until you have completed your desired style.

If you have trouble with twisting the back of your hair, you should have two stationary mirrors, attached to a stable piece of equipment, where you can see the back of your hair. If your hands are too short, I recommend you do so stretching to help your strengthen your arm muscles so that it will be easier to twist your hair.

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