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Hair Care Basics

Kinky hair is very delicate, and you should treat it as if it was a delicate piece of silk, it is prone to breakage and is very dry. The better you treat your hair, the better it will look and it will be much easier to grow. If you've relaxed your hair, you've weakened it even more and reduced the ability of the scalp to produce natural oils to strengthen your hair. However if your hair is natural, it is prone to an increased number of tangles. This could be a problem because as our kinky hair type is delicate, it is prone to breakage because of the knots and tangles that are formed if it is not well maintained.

Below are a few tips on how to care for your hair:

Before going to bed, section your hair and plait it, tie it back/ wrap it using a scarf. (Satin is the best type of head scarf though, of which you can purchase from the online shop. satin scarves, sleep caps and pillow cases help avoid split ends, caused by the rubbing of your hair against a rough surface.) This will reduce the number of tangles you have to comb out the next morning, which helps reduce the chance of breakage

Eat a balanced diet. Vitamins, minerals and protein are essential for hair growth.
Put as little heat on your hair. Putting excessive heat on your hair is just asking for trouble, along with adding relaxer, along with other alcoholic-based products, unless you specifically need them.

If you are washing your hair, use natural based shampoos, or the home egg formula. Also try to deep condition or use hot oil treatment once a month. This stimulates the growth of natural hair. Whilst conditioning your hair, comb out your hair to remove tangles while it's wet and relatively slick. A leave in conditioner is then added for moisture after conditioning your hair. Moisture is good for you.
Try and get a spray-bottle half water, half oil (any type in the previous article), to help moisturize your hair. Oil your scalp on a regular basis, it is not a bad idea.

Massage your scalp on a regular basis to promote circulation and production. Avoid the overuse of products of mineral oil and petroleum, they tend to block the pores and are not readily absorbed. Stop using Vaseline on your hair.
If you exercise, rinse the salt (which sweat has produced) out of your hair even if you don't wash it.

Find a style that works for you. It may be long, short or medium length. Nobody has the same hair texture. You have to individualize you personal style.