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Homemade Hair Mixtures: How to make a homemade leave-in-condtitioner

Before you go out buying another leave in conditioner, stop. As you know leave-in conditioners help prevent breakage and helps smooth our hair cuticle. The best leave-in-conditioner is homemade and free of chemicals.

Needed to make this formula you need:
Wide toothed comb
Metal whisk (or fork)
Spray bottle
Jojoba oil
Essential oil
Measuring cup

Follow the instructions below to make your own leave in conditioner:

1) Mix together 2oz of Jojoba oil with 4oz of water with a metal whisk (or fork).
2) Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil, whether its lavender, tea tree, hazelnut or peppermint etc.
3) Pour the mixture into a spray bottle.  Give a bottle a few shakes.

Jojoba oil is used because it has healing and moisturizing effects; especially if you have hair that tends to break, splits or tangles. We choose to use Jojoba oil because it produces an oil, similar to the one that you're sebum (hair scalp oils) produce.

Sebum is necessary for natural moisturizing of hair. Moisturized hair is less likely to break, tangle and damage.

You can purchase Jojoba oil from a wide range wide of stores but if you wish to buy it here online visit: