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Friday, 2 November 2012

Friday, April 4, 2008

Lotus, Symbol of the Goddess

From Barbara Walker's "A Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets." (Image: not from Walker - Nakht and wife holding water lily, a large water lily also to the right of the couple, resting on the offering table, another water lily wrapped around Nakht's wife's right wrist, also notice the lotus intertwined with the pilar to the far right - that is classic. Nakht's tomb, ancient Egypt - the symbolism will become apparent when you read the entry below!)

Asia's primary symbol of the yoni (vulva), often personified as the Goddes Padma, "Lotus," also known as Cunti, Lakshmi, or Shakti.

The central phrase of Tantrism, Om mani padme hum, meant the Jewel (male) in the Lotus (female), with interlocking connotations, the penis in the vagina, the fetus in the womb, the corpse in the earth, the God in the Goddess representing all of these.(1)

The father-god Brahma claimed to be a universal creator, nevertheless, he was styled "Lotus-born," for he arose from the primal Goddess's yoni. Egypt's father-god Ra also claimed to be a creator but owed his existence to the Goddess called "great world lotus flower, out of which rose the sun for the first time at the creation."(2)

Virtually all Egyptian Goddess-forms were symbolized by the lotus.(3) Pharaohs were sexually united with the World Lotus to achieve rebirth after death. The funeral hymn of Unas declared that he "had union with the goddess Mut, Unas hath drawn unto himself the flame of Isis, Unas hath united himself to the lotus."(4)

One way of uniting oneself with the lotus was the custom of ritual cunnilingus, widely practiced throughout the east as communion with the feminine life-principle.(5) This was probably the true meaning of the Land of Lotus-Easters visited by Odysseus and his crew. The sensual Land of the Lotus-Easters was described as a tropical place beyond the southern sea, which could apply to any land from Egypt to India.(6)

Ascetic Jain Buddhism tried to eradicate the lotus symbol because of its erotic implications. Nevertheless, a few centuries after Buddha's time, the most prominent figures on Buddhist monuments was again Padma, openly displaying her genital lotus.(7) A similar resurgence of erotic imagery overtook ascetic Christianity, when "obscene" figures proliferated in cathedrals and chruches, for example the Irish shelia-na-gig.

Most Oriental mystics held that spiritual knowledge began with carnal knowledge. The lotus was the Goddess's gate, and sex was the Way through the gate to her inner mysteries. With proper sexual exercises, a true sage might achieve the final flowering of revelation described as the thousand-petaled lotus of invisible light emanting from the top of the head after ascending the spinal chakras from the pelvis.

Worshippers of Vishnu sometimes painted their god as the source of the World Lotus, which grew on a long stem from his navel. But since "the primary reference of the lotus in India has always been the goddess Padma, 'Lotus,' whose body itself is the universe, the long stem from navel to lotus should properly connote an umbilical cord through which the flow of energy would be running from the goddess to the god, mother to child, not the other way."(8) Some Hindu cosmogonies saw the whole world as the lotus flower, with seven petals representing the seven divisions of the heavens where the cities and palaces of the god were located.(9)

In the Middle East, the lotus was lilu, or lily.(10) It was the flower of Lilith, the Sumero-Babylonian earth mother claimed by the Jews as Adam's first wife. The three-lobed lily or fleu-de-lis, like the shamrock, one stood for the Triple Goddess's three yonis, which is why the lily was sacred to the trune Queen of Heaven. The Blessed Virgin Juno conceived her savior-son Mars by the lily, and the same flower was adopted as a conception-charm of the Blessed Virgin Mary.(11) When Isis was assimilated to the burgeoning legends of the Virgin, her Egyptian images held the phallic cross in one hand, the female lotus seed-vessel in the other, like the Goddess shown on the Isiac Table.(12)

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About ancient Egypt, the symbol of the lotus figured greatly in tomb art and official carvings, as far as I can tell, from the earliest pre-dynastic days right through to the final collapse of the ancient Egyptian identity, beginning with the destruction of the last of the old temples by the Christians in about 400 CE or so and then the onslaught of the Mohammedists in the 7th century CE. An ancient Egyptian god, Nefertem, who was later personified as the god of perfume (scent), wore a lotus on his head and engendered physical characteristics of both male and female (like the Indian gods so often do), appearing as a hermaphrodite. See Caroline Seawright's excellent short piece, "Nefertem, God of Perfume, Water Lily of the Sun..." for information. See also "Nefertem, Ancient Lord of Perfume" at Tour Egypt.

What was the Isiac Table?

According to the Theosophical Society (yes, they still exist):
Isiac table: Spiritual Theosophical Dictionary on Isiac table
Isiac table. A true monument of Egyptian art. It represents the goddess Isis under many of her aspects. The Jesuit Kircher describes it as a table of copper overlaid with black enamel and silver incrustations. It was in the possession of Cardinal Bembo, and therefore called "Tabula Bembina sive Mensa Isiaca ". Under this title it is described by W. Wynn Westcott, M.B., who gives its "History and Occult Significance" in an extremely interesting and learned volume (with photographs and illustrations). The tablet was believed to have been a votive offering to Isis in one of her numerous temples. At the sack of Rome in 1525, it came into the possession of a soldier who sold it to Cardinal Bembo. Then it passed to the Duke of Mantua in 1630, when it was lost.

(See also: Isiac table, Theosophy, Spirituality, Body mind and Soul, Spiritual Dictionary)

But, according to information at Sacred Texts (under entry "The Bembine Table of Isis"), the Table (tablet) was NOT lost/destroyed! There is also a enlargeable line drawing of the Table which would take days to try and decipher - I see so many interesting things in it! Wow. Who knew? I sure didn't and I've been studying this stuff since 1999!

Added 4/5/08 - from Isis:
I read the article about the Lotus, and I thought you might like to know that the famous blue lotus of Egypt, now exstinct, had aphrodesiac properties...Pharmacologists test dryed lotus from tombs and discovered that the lotus was a form of natural Viagra. The Egyptians would soak the lotus in wine to extract the lotus viagra.

Friday, 17 August 2012

 ♥  Love is the highest frequency in the omni-verse  ღ♥   Be love  ღ♥

Thursday, 9 August 2012

When extensions go wrong: Naomi Campbell displays shocking bald patches after years of wearing weaves

As one of the world's foremost supermodels, Naomi Campbell rarely looks anything other than picture perfect.
But it was a different story for the 42-year-old beauty as she enjoyed a holiday in Ibiza earlier this week.
With her hair pulled back in a ponytail, Naomi revealed her incredibly receding hairline, the result of her over-reliance on hair extensions and weaves for most of her modelling career. 
When extensions go wrong: Naomi Campbell displayed shocking bald patches as she holidayed in Ibiza earlier this week
When extensions go wrong: Naomi Campbell displayed shocking bald patches as she holidayed in Ibiza earlier this week
Sparking concern: It is thought Naomi is suffering from traction alopecia - a hair loss condition caused by the use of too many extensions
Sparking concern: t Naomi could be suffering from traction alopecia - a hair loss condition caused by the overuse of extensions
Back in the day: Naomi's hair looked much healthier at the beginning of her career
Back in the day: Naomi's hair looked much healthier at the beginning of her career
And while Naomi still looked in great shape in her patterned bikini, all attention was focused on her hairline, with her exposed scalp causing concern.
This is not the first time Naomi has sparked concern with her thinning hair, with experts saying she is suffering from traction alopecia - hair loss caused by the use of extensions.
The supermodel, originally from Streatham, South London, has worn straight extensions over her naturally curly hair for a number of years.
Traction alopecia occurs when the extensions pull on the natural hair causing it to break, and usually affects the hairline just above the forehead or the sides, where the hair is weaker.
It can take between three months to a year for hair to grow back in moderate cases. 
But if the pulling continues the hair will never grow back and the only option is a hair transplant.
Stars including Paris Hilton, Victoria Beckham, Britney Spears and Alexandra Burke are all reported to have suffered traction alopecia as a result of hair extensions.
Soaking up the sunshine: Naomi looked in great shape in the patterned bikini but all the attention was on her receding hairline
Still looking super: Naomi looked in great shape in the patterned bikini, a more revealing choice than Naomi's usual glamorous evening gowns
Still looking super: Naomi looked in great shape in the patterned bikini, a more revealing choice than Naomi's usual glamorous evening gowns
Celebrity hair extensions expert Tatiana Karelina, who counts famous faces including Danielle O'Hara, Stacey Solomon and Lauren Goodger among her clients, said of Naomi's condition: 'The interesting thing to note is that traction alopecia doesn't progress like other hair diseases. 
'At the initial stages it is reversible but prolonged tension may destroys the hair follicles and will not re-grow under any circumstances.
'It is unclear from the pictures if Naomi's condition is permanent but given the time that has passed since she was first spotted with this condition it is more than likely that the damage she has suffered is permanent.'
Is it my go now? Naomi looked on eagerly as preparations were made for her to go diving off the side of the ship
Is it my go now? Naomi looked on eagerly as preparations were made for her to go diving off the side of the ship
Taking a dip: Naomi lowered herself into the sea as she got ready for her underwater expedition
Taking a dip: Naomi lowered herself into the sea as she got ready for her underwater expedition
Back on board: Naomi appeared to have enjoyed herself as she got back on the vessel after the trip
Back on board: Naomi appeared to have enjoyed herself as she got back on the vessel after the trip
Tatiana added to MailOnline: 'Hair extensions, when done properly, can give amazing results, but when done with no care for natural hair in some cases it can leave the follicles and your own hair damaged beyond repair.
'Heavy extensions can literally pull the follicles out over time, some glue extensions, tight weaves and elastic bands can create and enhance patches of baldness on the scalp. 
'Putting glue in your hair is similar to putting gum in it. It's going to be hard to get out and even with the best removers some hairs will get pulled out leaving you with broken hair, damage and in some cases balding.'
Easy rider: Naomi's boyfriend Vladislav Doronin showed off his jetskiing skills during the holiday
Easy rider: Naomi's boyfriend Vladislav Doronin showed off his jetskiing skills during the holiday
Cooling down: Vladimir looked back to check on his girlfriend as the pair enjoyed a quick swim
Cooling down: Vladimir looked back to check on his girlfriend as the pair enjoyed a quick swim

Read more:

Monday, 30 July 2012

Metaphysics: Defined
Metaphysic comes from 2 words, the word “meta” meaning  “beyond”. So and "physics"  meaning "the study of the material world." The practice of metaphysics means “beyond physics.” Metaphysics is considered to be a branch of philosophy that examines the fundamental nature of life itself. Metaphysics examines life and all of its myriad aspects from the perspective of one who asks questions that go beyond the limited scope of science itself.
Metaphysics as a discipline, was a central part of scholarly education even before the age of Aristotle who considered it "the Queen of Sciences." Its issues were considered by the masses  to be no less important than the other main formal subjects like physical science, medicine, and mathematics. Eventually, metaphysics grew to encompass the philosophy of religion where it continues to thrive to this day.Unfortunately, by the 18th century, people began to ask “how do you know that?” This change in the direction of questioning lead to what is now known as modern day science.

So what does it mean to go “beyond physics”? This concept, considered crazy talk in some circles, encourages the student tolook behind the veil, to explore every idea, to examine new ways of looking at any subject. More than that, we take these ideas and we test them, we put them into practice, and we seek to live on the cutting edge of physics and metaphysics in a way that shakes up traditional thinking.  

So you must ask yourself, is this YOU? Are you the kind of person who sees the world through different eyes? Are you the kind of person who wants to take these new ideas, put them into action, and make the world a better place?

Monday, 16 July 2012

Religion in Ancient Egypt: The Gods and Goddesses

the Gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt
There were an incredible number of Gods and Goddesses in Ancient Egypt, one for almost every situation and place. Many of the Gods began as local deities and were later organised and merged with others to form either a Triad or an Ennead (nine). There were several large schools of theological thought in Egypt, and each proclaimed its superiority over the others. A ruling dynasty would often promote their chief local god to the chief national god. For example,Amun (associated with Thebes) did not become a major deity until the shift of power to Thebes in the Middle Kingdom.
Many of Ancient Egypt's Gods and Goddesses share characteristics and epithets at different times in history. For example, Sekhmet (the lion Goddess of Memphis), MutTefnut and Hathor are all given the title 'the Eye of Ra' and given the task of protecting the sun god. There is often confusion about the different gods known as Horus. For example, Horus the elder was often thought to be the consort of Hathor, while Horus the younger was the son of Isisand Osiris. This is unsurprising given that the Egyptian civilisation survived for over three thousand years, and the religious system was constantly evolving.
stele copyright Guillaume-Blanchard
In pre-dynastic times, religion was largely animistic (they considered certain animals, plants and geographic features to be the homes of spirits). Many Ancient Egyptian gods are represented by totemic animals based on the ancient understanding of the role or characteristic of the animal. For example, Anubis (the Jackal) was associated with the dead and funeral arrangements because jackals were often seen on the edge of the desert where the Egyptians were buried. It was considered that the jackals guarded the souls of the deceased. As the Egyptians were dependent on the flooding of the life-giving Nile, it is hardly surprising that water deities (such as Hapi and Aunket) and agricultural deities (such as Osiris) would be popular. As their civilisation developed, the gods of Ancient Egypt took more human form and multiplied in number. Cosmological deities (such as the sun and moon) and gods of warfare and hunting soon followed.
Even during the "Atenist heresy" of the Armarna period (when Akhenaten rejected the old gods in favour of the Aten disk) Egypt was not fully monotheistic. Akhenaten himself claimed he would maintain the cult of the Apis bull and representations of Bes (the god of childbirth) were found in his capital city. Furthermore, he and his queen, Nefertitiwere often likened to Shu and Tefnut. However, it is clear that monotheistic Christianity adopted, modified and simplified many of the symbols and myths of the ancient polytheistic religions, in particular that of the Egyptians.
The god's names

Ancient Egyptian Goddesses

AmentetAmmitAnatAnputAnuket (Anukis)BastBatHathorHatmehytHededetHemsutHeqet, Heret-Kau, Hesat,IabetIsis (Isis and Ra,Isis and OsirisIsis and the seven scorpionsIsis and associated goddesses), KauketKebechetMa'at, Mafdet, Mehet-weret, Menhet (Menhit)MeretsegerMeskhenetMutNaunetNehmetawyNekhbetNeithNephthysNut,QadeshRenenutetRenpetSatet (Satis)SekhmetSeshatSerqet (Selkit), Shepset, Shesmetet, Sopdet (Sothis), Ta-bitjet, Tasenetofret, TaweretTayetTefnutTjenenetWadjetWeret-hekau (Urthekau), Wosret 

Ancient Egyptian Gods

Ahy (Ihy)AkenAkerAm-hehAmunAndjetyAnhur/Onuris(Arensnuphis)AnubisApep (Apophis), As, AtenAtum, Auf,BanebdjedBesGebHapiHeka (Hike)Heryshef, Hu, Horus (Horus the ElderHorus Behedet/ Horus of EdfuHorus son of IsisHorakhtyHoremakhetKhentykhem), ImiutKhentiamentiuKhepri (Kheper)Kherty (Cherti)KhonsuKhnumKuk,Maahes (Mihos)MaahafMinMontuNefertum, Nehebkau, Nun, Opet, Osiris, Panebtawny, PtahRa (Re)ReshepSahu,Serapis (Sarapis)SepaSet, Shemsu, Sia, ShaiShuSobekSokarSopdu (Sopedu), Tatenen, Thoth, Weneg, Wepwawet, Yamm, Yah 

Saturday, 30 June 2012


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Even if you don’t think of yourself as ‘rich’, your family may lose thousands of pounds, if:
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  • You only make a conventional Will. Even leaving modest amounts of money can cost around £15,000 in probate costs.
Happily, there is a solution that is simple, flexible and legal. It’s called a Family Trust.
* the Inheritance Tax threshold for the 2012/2013 tax year

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Are There Careers In Metaphysics?

A degree from University Of Metaphysical Sciences qualifies a graduate to perform official ceremonies such as ministerial work, weddings, spiritual counseling, teaching, lecturing on the international circuit, credentialed book writing, setting up a spiritual center, and a variety of other services.
More and more metaphysical teachers are seeking credentials, realizing the need for credentials if they want to market themselves in the field of metaphysics. It is increasingly difficult for an unknown without credentials to establish himself or herself in the metaphysical field. Credentials pave the way for opportunities that are simply not available for the person who has no credibility or training. For potential practitioners, writers, teachers, healers and leaders, this success is possible with a formal education in metaphysics.
More and more people are feeling the call to enter careers in metaphysics as the population looks to its spirituality and seeks guidance. This program is purposely designed to give qualifications and credentials to the future spiritual teachers who are serious about becoming a source of guidance and love to others, whether that is to be in the form of a spiritual teacher, or an ordinary person in daily life reflecting awakened self to others. For further information on the careers you might pursue with an education in metaphysics, please click:Career Opportunities
Definition Of Metaphysics
The word metaphysics, or metaphysic, was coined by the ancient Greeks, “meta” meaning “beyond or after” and “physic” meaning “physical,” therefore metaphysics meant to the Greeks “beyond or after the physical.” Continue to read more here...
Why Metaphysical Sciences?
The University Of Metaphysical Sciences considers metaphysics a science, the most basic reason being that thought affects matter, as many scientists have proven with laboratory observations. Bewildered doctors have also observed this phenomena in their terminally ill patients who suddenly recover simply by adjusting attitudes or thoughtforms about the self, others, or the world in general.
What you will be learning at University Of Metaphysical Sciences is what many have called alchemy, something that was long ago taught in spiritual mystery schools only to those who had proven themselves worthy through long term observation by a master teacher. Only once the student had proven unwavering dedication to exploring the mysteries of consciousness, and attained a certain level of skill, would he (usually a mystery school education was only available to males) be invited into the inner circle of teachings. In the present era, this is no longer the case. These teachings are now available to everyone.
Mystery schools are obsolete, for all knowledge about metaphysics, with related material about the nature of consciousness and its potentials, is presently available in every metaphysical bookstore and... Continue here to read more...
How Long Is The Program?
 Most students complete studies in approximately one year. It is required that the student finish within five years at the most. Each student moves through the program at an individual pace. The doctorate degree might take approximately two years to complete if the student cannot dedicate much time to studies, one year if the student is able to spend more time on studies. Some students find it very easy to complete in one year if he or she has knowledge of these subjects by previously studying on his or her own, has plenty of time to study, and has already done much self introspection and healing. Those who have not might want to take a little more time to move through the program.

What Are the Courses Like?

Lessons consist of reading material and meditation journeys. Most written lessons take about 2-3 hours to read and 1 hour to complete the exam questions. The reading material has easy-to-find answers to a few questions per lesson. The student returns the answered questions for credit. The lessons on CD are meditation journeys. The student briefly describes his or her experience of the meditation and returns the description for credit. All descriptions are accepted, for there is no wrong way to experience the meditations. Experiences of the meditations are unique to each person. Meditations vary from 15 to 30 minutes in length.
 Courses are completed through the mail or over the internet. For those who do not easily have internet access, lessons are sent via postal mail with a minimal wholesale cost for materials, $385, payable in small payments with the short, medium or long term payment plans (cd player or headphones not included). For an extra charge (postage), hard copy lessons can be sent to foreign countries. Downloading lessons from the internet saves the student time and money, and the fee is only $155 and no postage or duty/import fees are required. Courses can be downloaded in PDF (written) and MP3 (audio) formats.
In brief, the Bachelor's program consists of written and audio lessons. To complete the Masters program, a 5,000 word essay (about one book chapter in length) must be written on a metaphysical subject in addition to the lessons. To complete the Doctorate program, a 10,000 word doctoral dissertation must be submitted (the equivalent of two book chapters) and there are no written or audio lessons.
If you would like to take a tour of our Student Center, click here. If you would like to see what it's like to take our Online Exams, click here!
Please note that University Of Metaphysical Sciences reserves the right to add, change, remove or improve courses and course materials at its discretion.
How Were The Courses Created?
Written Material
The written material in the courses was heavily researched by a team of more than 40 writers working closely with the founder of University Of Metaphysical Sciences. Hundreds of books have been used as references for the entire curriculum. Many points of view
are mentioned in order to give the student a thorough presentation of common concepts in metaphysical subjects, even if they are differing or opposite parts of the spectrum. Quotes from these books are used in the courses to support statements and concepts conveyed in the written material.
 Our research team was meticulous and diligent in collecting information from various sources. All this research was done in order to condense the material into notebook form for the student. This eliminates the need to buy textbooks at retail prices, which can be quite costly for the student. The pertinent information has already been drawn out of the books and only the essential information is included for the student. The courses are streamlined to get right to the point on every subject. The written material will serve as a reference section in the graduate's library long after the desired degrees have been attained. Internet downloads of written materials are delivered as PDF files.
Audio Material
The audio portions of the courses were created for the experiential aspects of what the student learns in the written material. The meditations are facilitated by the founder of University Of Metaphysical Sciences. Breese has a soft, trancelike voice and beautiful meditative music is used in the background. A few meditations use no music at all in order to create greater depth of stillness and concentration with no distractions whatsoever.
The student will find the vast array and large collection of meditation CDs quite useful in continued meditation practices long after graduation. (For those with hearing aids and difficulty with music during meditations, journeys that typically have music are available with only the spoken voice and no music.)
Audio lessons come on 25 CDs, 25 hours worth of meditations. On the internet, the student will download MP3 files for audio portions of the lessons.
If you would like to read about the Internet Downloads and see what your sign in page would look like that takes you to your personal authorized downloads page.

What Will I Learn?

The courses are designed to give the graduate a broad understanding of metaphysical subjects. The material spans several religions and belief systems so that the graduate will be well versed in the ideas many parts of the population hold. It is important for the student to be exposed to all areas of spirituality for a broader understanding of human nature.
Some of the courses are meant simply for the student's self-introspection and self-inquiry, which is a necessary and ongoing practice for any teacher, healer, or leader. Audio meditations will serve the student for many years. The student is highly encouraged to investigate more deeply the subjects that interest him or her. Recommended reading is given on every subject in the curriculum for further study, although it is not required, and a complete bibliography of reference material is given.
The graduate will have a resource of lists, diagrams, exercises and information which can be referred to anytime the need comes up in his or her professional practice. For instance, many of the courses have easy to use reference lists like the properties of herbs, sacred symbols, dream symbol indexes, and other quick access reference lists that the student will find useful.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

This is the age of change; what you think, is what you will become....

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Reverse a Curse 

from the Psychic Network
Curses are sort of bad spells done for doing some harm to some other person. Curses are negative spells. Generally people put a curse on those whom they want to see come to harm. Curses are done by enemies to beat their opponents at their game.
Curses are one way to get revenge while remaining hidden, sometimes even by appearing outwardly friendly to the person on whom curse has been put. Casting curses is in a way a little bit evil, because the person you have put a curse on certainly does not have any idea and the person ends up fighting battle alone.
However, sometimes we tend to misunderstand the next person, just the way there are enemies in disguise. The person you put the spell on turned out to be a friend in disguise and now you would like to end this curse as soon as possible. It does happen that people often misunderstand the opposite person and therefore, you may actually end up harming someone who was your friend and always trusted you.reverse curse
There is no need to be miserable, just the way you put a curse on the person you can use the spell ‘reverse a curse’ and ensure that any harm that came to the person has been made good again. You can even add some spells along with the ‘reverse a curse’ spell so that any harm that came in the past has been refuted. If you put a curse and you are reversing it, the curse will not harm you at all.
The spell ‘reverse a curse’ can be used by you if you feel there is a curse placed on you and would like to get the curse reversed on the person who put it on you. This spell can have drastic impact; the curse that was on you now suddenly goes back on the person who actually put it on you. This person will start suffering the way you did when the curse was on you.
Once the curse has been reversed, it may become equally powerful or become even more powerful. Curses generally do not lose their powers unless these are completely removed- reversed curses generally gain power.
A Psychic is most required if the curse has been removed. Firstly you need to know whether there has been any curse put on you; the psychic will reverse a curse only if there is a curse. If you are the one who put a curse on someone and would want to remove it, you too will need help from a psychic.
The psychic will tell you all the important things that you may need for casting a spell