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Saturday, 14 January 2012

How to be successful at fasting - part 1

Most people do not fast because of fear. Fear distracts people from the experience of fasting. You need to understand that to be successful at fasting, you need to 'focus' and be 'attentive', whatever age, height or weight you are. 

Fasting will awaken you to the fact of how reliant people are on food. They even have set times: breakfast, lunch and dinner. You will also realize how society base their lives around 'tell-lie-vision'. What type of product is most advertised on television? Food. At every commercial, you will be tempted into breaking your fast because of a craving. You need to turn off the TV and replace it with an activity that will avoid food commercials. An activity that many people choose to participate in is 'meditation'. Meditation, has lost its taste because of its relation to 'paganism'. Actually, meditation is a natural activity, that all of you perform, minutes before you fall asleep, you do it everyday, without realizing it. This is because your conscious and subconscious mind have fallen prey to television. Only doing what they tell you to do. You have fallen prey to your own imagination. You need to discipline yourself to defeat your mind. You also need to be silent and spend sometime with yourself, without the tempting distraction of food in your surroundings.

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